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Service:Shoot Smarter, Store Wisely

SEGMENT #1 - SHOOT SMARTER - How to get better results from your point 'n shoot, DSLR or even smartphone cameras - Approx. 90 min

• Learn what the different settings are on your camera
• Know what ISO setting will give you the best results in any given circumstance
• Why that “little green box” (fully automatic) is not working for you
• Get more out of your Aperture Value (AV) and Time Value (TV) settings
• When to use a tripod
• What size files and when (RAW vs jpg)
• Lighting overview (working with natural light and flash)
• Composition - pause, recompose and shoot something you’ll want to display

SEGMENT #2 - STORE WISELY (MEMORY CARD FULL) - Learn a system that will allow you to easily back up your images, freeing your memory cards to create more.

Imagine investing in air travel to your 7-day cruise, a pod of dolphins begin leaping alongside your ship, when DOH!.. "Card Full" flashes pains straight to your heart!

Worse yet, your camera is damaged, lost or stolen with several months worth of memories.

We've all got a story, and we're going to help you set up an easy-to-maintain filing system.

You will learn to:

  • Capture the best size files
  • Store images regularly
  • How to quickly cull your images
  • Take away a sorting system to get a fresh start
  • Back up your image files
  • Restore corrupted cards and hard drives

Please bring your camera and sync cables that came with it. We will review a few common methods, but having them with you will keep the general information relative.

Photographer: None available
Date/time:Please contact us to schedule this service.